2 thoughts on “Why do writers drink?”

  1. Hello Christine
    I have enjoyed your posts through the past few months and especially your new book. I have started to read Ernest’s Islands In the stream that starts off with the boosy bar and Tom drinking Gin and Tonic, actually one of my favourite drinks. So far Tom seems to be fairly conservative with his drinking but its early in the story !!!
    Wishing you a happy thanks giving
    All the best

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela! I have not read ISLANDS IN THE STREAM for a few years so perhaps will revisit it. Hemingway in his 20’s drank a lot but was highly critical of Fitzgerald for his drinking and not “holding” his liquor. Sadly, he himself succumbed to the same vice and drinking. Not sure if artistic people are wired differently in a larger proportion to the general population as creative types and thus drink as a release or if people who drink heavily become writers or artists or musicians as an outlet for their creativity. Chicken or egg? But sadly we’ve lost a lot of writers too soon as a result. Happy holidays, Pamela!! Best, Christine

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