Hemingway: never out of Fashion

Hemingway’s works as well as his life are being mined for material–and there is a lot of richness there as we know. See below.

The Sound & The Flurry: How Podcasts Are Becoming A Hollywood Gold Mine

Village Roadshow has increasingly been expanding its television business including adapting Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, a reboot of College Bowl, an adaptation of video-game Myst and Lo Life, a scripted series based on the Brooklyn street crew led by Big Vic Lo.

A Moveable Feast

Alix Jaffe, VREG’s Executive Vice President, Television, who will oversee the relationship, said, “As we continue to build our television division, we have the unique opportunity to partner with Kelly and the team at Treefort Media to expand our slate with premium, cross-platform storytelling that will create a more immersive experience for audiences. We believe there is an incredible synergy between our teams and are looking forward to the partnership.”

Kelly Garner, Treefort’s Founder and CEO added, “This is an incredible opportunity not only to collaborate with Village Roadshow’s talented team, but also to supercharge our slate by tapping into Village Roadshow’s iconic and diverse library. We can’t wait to explore the possibilities and expand our pipeline into TV and film.”

Shakespeare and Co. with Sylvia Beach. Hem with one of his many wounds

Treefort is represented by UTA.

What’s Percolating in the Hemingway World?


I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds and google alerts that keep me posted on all things Hemingway. So here are a few random developments.

1) Mariel Hemingway is producing a movie of Hemingway’s last book, A Moveable Feast, finished after his death and published initially in 1964. (Hemingway died in 1961).

2) Andy Garcia is wrapping up his movie about Hemingway and his boat captain, Gregorio Fuentes.

3) Coming out in the Fall is a possible Oscar contender called GENIUS, about

Max perkins
Max perkins

Hemingway’s editor Maxwell Perkins (played by Colin Firth) and Tom Wolfe (played by Michael Fassbinder).  Dominic West plays Hemingway.  All Brits playing Americans.cadillacinhavana

4) The Cuban government is working on how much access to permit to the Finca Vigia. Right now, the public can peer through windows but cannot go in.

5)Thomasville is having a Hemingway Outdoor furniture collection.

6) A man named Robert Wheeler spent a winter four years ago in Paris, retracing Hemingway’s time there in the early 1920s. He took a camera. And now he’s publishing a book, due out April 7. I can’t wait to se2014-06-16 07.07.40e it.

Furniture from the Thomasville Hemingway collection
Furniture from the Thomasville Hemingway collection

7) Before announcing the winner of the 2015 PEN/Hemingway Award for debut fiction, Beacon Press director Helene Atwan, administrator of the prize, made note of a major gift from the Hemingway family. The cash prize attached to the award was doubled this year to $20,000. Patrick, Hemingway’s remaining son, was on hand to assist in distributing the awards which took place at the JFK Library, home of he Hemingway Collection.

Patrick Hemingway 2013
Patrick Hemingway 2013, JFK LIBE

Paris 1927
Paris 1927

Hemingway Places

Nice article about places to visit and feel Papa’s memories. I did not know that his usual seat at La Flordita in Havana was blocked off and a daiquiri placed on the counter daily near his statue. I have it on good authority that his favorite drink however was a mega-cold Martini. However, a daiquiri will do. Hem Places

A MOVEABLE FEAST to become a Movie

A Moveable Feast
A Moveable Feast

Midnight in Paris
Midnight in Paris


Michael Hirst adapting Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast

6 March, 2014 | By




EXCLUSIVE: Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast is being adapted for the big screen by Elizabeth screenwriter Michael Hirst and actress Mariel Hemingway.

The film version of A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway’s memoir about his time as a young writer in Paris in the 1920s, is edging closer toward production.

A script is now being written by Michael Hirst, the award-winning British writer of Working Title’s Elizabeth and Elizabeth The Golden Age and creator of historical drama series Vikings.

The project is being developed with actress and author Mariel Hemingway, who was Oscar nominated for her role in Woody Allen’s Manhattan and is the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway.

“I have waited years and years for that to be set up. Mariel Hemingway has set that up for me and I am enjoying it enormously,” Hirst commented of the project.

“It is just the greatest love story ever written – the most painful love story and the most honest,” Hirst observed of Hemingway’s memoir which was published in 1964, three years after its author’s death. “It is a challenge to do but it is such a worthy challenge.”

Hirst was speaking during the London junket for the second season of Vikings, a drama series made for History.

A Moveable Feast, which features Hemingway’s observations of such lauded literary figures as Gretrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerland, has provided inspiration and background material for several earlier features, among them Alan Rudolph’s The Moderns and Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris.



,Family Boat and guess who named her.

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