Give Away: Hemingway Cookbook

Okay! THE COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY! The first comment on the next blog post will be  the winner of the Hemingway cookbook. If you are that one, I’ll announce that here and ask that you provide your email address and I’ll get your mailing address when I email you. Seriously, the cookbook is hard to get .  It has anecdotes and great stuff in it! The trout is fantastic.

Thank you for reading. Love, Christine

Hem relaxed--with the beard
Hem relaxed–with the beard

2 thoughts on “Give Away: Hemingway Cookbook”

    1. Long may she move! Thanks Ted Be first on next month’s post and the cook book is yours. I am not exaggerating about how nice it is. The stories were some i hadn’t read and the recipes are very nice tied in to Hemingway’s youth and travels. Best, Christine

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