And the Public has Spoken! Most popular works by Hemingway.

Dear Readers: I prefer not to post links to make you go to another site but this one would not copy. It is worth a look and fun. Do you agree re the 7 most popular claimed?  Thanks for reading! Best, Christine

4 thoughts on “And the Public has Spoken! Most popular works by Hemingway.”

  1. An interesting post, Christine . . .

    . . . although there seems to be confusion concerning “books” or “novels” – I would not describe A Moveable Feast as a novel, but it is certainly one of his best books. I have great fondness for Islands in the Stream, especially the first and last sections; fine moments of humor in the former, and serious action in the latter. Green Hills of Africa might be added to the list – again, not exactly a novel. To continue in the same format, The Nick Adams Stories compilation I would recommend as an introduction to Hemingway – not a novel, yet a life story. Do you believe Men Without Women should be included in the list? Seemed a strange selection to me . . . .

    All the best –


    1. hi Timothy! Yes it was a compilation of novellas, novels, story collections. Men Without Women is not one of my favorites. Hemingway was not the most prolific writer and wrote little of note between Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea so they got the highlights and included the big 5. I agree also that A Moveable Feast is not a novel –while many have argued much is fantasy or projection!–but it is a favorite of mine. While i hate bull fighting , I thought A dangerous Summer was really good (except for that darned bull fighting. Ha but the competition between the two featured matadors, the culture of it all, was very interesting to me.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Best to you, Timothy. Christine

  2. Thank you Christine
    For presenting this blog I have a long way to claiming to be well read
    With Ernest Hemingways books.
    A winter project for sure. I agree with Tim I enjoyed islands in the Stream very much An interesting book from many angles.
    Thank’s again

    1. HA !! Yes, when you see it laid out THAT way, you realize there are a few missed or that need a re-read! Winter project indeed, Pamela!! Hope you had a good summer. Gorgeous New England day today! Best, Christine

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