2 thoughts on “Nothing new for us and yet fun to watch. Enjoy this 4th of July weekend! Best, Christine”

  1. Good video; I noticed the NYT’s announcement of his death July 3, 1961 included the first page story “British Say Troops in Kuwait Will Act If Iraquis Cross Line” – history must be ‘a repeatable famine.’

    Hemingway edited and wrote the introduction to “Men at War”, published during the opening stages of WWII. His thoughts and concerns of warfare are there to read and understand; anyone describing Hemingway as a warmonger has failed with their research. Liberty was the guide to Hemingway’s politics, and he knew that liberty must be defended.
    As it was in 1776 – which was not perfect, but was the beginning . . . .

    Happy 4th !

    1. Thanks, Timothy. And I agree re Hemingway and war. It was sometimes necessary but last resort and so sad. I enjoy hearing his voice on this video and his careful enunciation when he had to speak publicly. Have a great 4th, Timothy and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Best, Christine

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