Hemingway’s Daughter is now available

Dear Readers: If interested, my novel is now available. Many thanks for being interested in and reading Hemingway as we near his July 21 (1899) birthday. Warmest wishes to all. Christine

2 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Daughter is now available”

  1. Christine –

    Just purchased the Kindle version, and am looking forward to reading the novel. Have you seen that Marial Hemingway has started a publishing company? I also recently got “Hunting with Hemingway” that I need to read. Ernest’s legacy remains strong.

    1. Good morning, Timothy! First THANK YOU! I do hope you enjoy it. The “real” Hemingway people who read this blog I hope will find it at least fun. And i did see the Mariel new project. She is offering book endorsements too. I would have to look into that more closely. Not sure. It’s a natural for this book but i need to know more. Yes, the Hemingway legacy is strong and i think some re-evaluation is taking place in a good way after the PBS Ken Burns/Lynn Novak special. I do think they succeeded in opening the door more widely to a different unexplored aspect of Hemingway’s courage as a writer and more exploratory themes that he was experimenting with. I enjoyed that. Timothy, thank you so much for writing and truly for your support. Best wishes for the summer. Christine

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